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PURE 47 Spherical Nano Silver

Pure 47 Spherical Nano Silver Supplement, the natural, elemental way to supercharge your body's immune system!

Silver has been used for more than 2,400 years to help safeguard human health. From the time of Hippocrates, silver's health protective properties have been well-known and researched. Silver has also been used to help protect the purity and safety of drinking water throughout ancient civilizations.

Our Spherical Nano Silver is made with only two ingredients: 99.99% Spherical Nano Silver particles and pure deionized water. There are no fillers, additives, salts or proteins. Due to the tiny particle size and purity, you get a superior silver supplement with the highest quality, safety and potency on the market.

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Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process blends the highest-grade silver nano-particles available with pure deionized water, guaranteeing stronger results and greater absorption rates than the cheaper alternatives.

Pure 47 can help treat both mild and severe infections, help improve skin disorders, and is known to have great antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Test tube studies have shown that silver kills many kinds of bacteria and can help destroy viral compounds (the structure of a virus). Silver can help stop the growth of certain strains of fungi and can even help stop fungal infections.

How PURE 47 Works

Even though there's been a lot of buzz about it recently, the amazing health benefits of colloidal silver have been touted by medical practitioners worldwide for thousands of years. The ancient Phoenicians regularly used it to prevent the spoiling of stored water, vinegar and wine, while the early civilizations of Japan, Egypt and China all harnessed the powerful effects of silver in their traditional medicines.

Famous Greek physician Hippocrates, the 'Father of Medicine', used spherical nano silver to treat ulcers and promote the healing of wounds. The use of this powerful element continues to the present day- even NASA has adopted spherical nano silver for water purification on space shuttle missions!


Spherical Nano silver is anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral. It helps fight off common bacteria and viruses responsible for ear and sinus infections, pneumonia, shingles, and many other ailments. Another benefit of spherical nano silver supplementation is that it doesn't create bacterial resistance or mutation like overuse of antibiotics can.

Other health benefits of silver supplementation may include:

  • Speeding recovery from common cold and flu bugs

  • Used on fungal infections

  • Promotes reduction of viral reproduction in the body

  • Helping boost the immune system

  • Providing a natural defense against common cold and flu

  • Aids in reducing inflammation in the skin or body

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Serving Size: 5 Sprays (1 ml) Servings: 60

INGREDIENTS: Spherical Silver Particles 20 mcg

Other Ingredients: Deionized Water

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Pets & PURE 47

Caryn H. & her pet great Dane
Pure 47 is remarkable.
It is a nano spherical silver.
My Great Dana had a spad
and stomach plasty 6 days ago.

I have been spraying twice a day!


PURE 47 - So I have happy news.

Last night we spent it in the ER with my son. He had been coughing bad and he was having a hard time breathing and chest was heavy.

I was so worried but his Covid test came out negative and he does in fact have croup. He has been using pure silver and he feels so much better this morning and not the bad coughing anymore.

I definitely believe in our products.

Lauren B.

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