AmpLifei Earth Shake an Essential Health Beverage

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Earth Shake an Essential Health Beverage

Earth is a delicious all-in-one meal replacement method that contains a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, as well as protein, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, antioxidants, and probiotics.

Adding Earth to your dietary routine is an easy and convenient way to get your daily intake of nutrition.

Earth Shake is the ultimate nutrition formula: a delicious, detoxifying, vitamin-rich shake mix that contains many of the natural nutrients your body needs for optimum health!

amplifei earth shake

Featuring a delicate balance of fiber, proteins, probiotics, organic greens, berries and mushrooms, this potent recipe supports and cleanses the digestive system, promotes healthy and robust immune function, and delivers the daily recommended dose of all essential vitamins and minerals.

Essentialist Nutrition for the Nutritional Essentialist

At Hapi Nutritional Science Systems we believe the promise of immense vitality lay right beneath our feet: Earth. Science is finally understanding what the ancients knew all along about these time-tested remedies. Our latest creation is an organic superfood blend of berries, greens, mushrooms, proteins, and probiotics that holds the keys to optimal human health and longevity.

Shake it Up with Earth Shake!

amplifei earth shake


The unique combination of nutritionally synergistic superfood blends is what makes the Earth formula so powerful! The proteins, organic greens, berries, mushrooms, and probiotic ingredients assist digestive system daily function.

Our proprietary Greens Blend is made from an all-organic mix of Alfalfa Grass, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Beet Root, Broccoli, Moringa Leaf, Tomato, Chlorella, Dulse, Spinach and Spirulina to promote your body’s natural ability to cleanse and repair itself. Our Berry Blend is made from Acai, Acerola, Red Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Goji and Maqui berries. Every serving is packed with powerful natural antioxidants, minerals, and a healthy dose of vitamins for optimal cellular energy and health. Earth contains a combination of the healthiest mushrooms in the world. Used in traditional medicine for centuries, Cordyceps, Reishi, King Trumpet, Shitake, Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail may contribute to the improvement of immune function and promote overall health and well-being.
The Probiotic Blend supports healthy digestive tract function.


The health benefits of Earth Shake may include:

  • Aids in Detoxifying the digestive tract

  • Helps promote healthy blood pressure

  • Helps promote healthy cholesterol

  • Supports healthy immune function Improving overall gut health

  • Supporting digestive function


'Essentialist Nutrition' is getting only what your body needs, not more. Whether you’re running a marathon or a family, Earth delivers the essential vitamins, proteins, and nutrients you need for a healthy and well-balanced diet. If you're in need of powerful, natural superfood nutrition on-the-go, Earth is the perfect option!

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