Amplifei Gut Health Fix a Leaky Gut to Gain Better Health
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Gut Health Triad Bundle (Gut Health Solution)
95% of your serotonin (the happy hormone) is produced and lives in your MicroBiome

Virtually Instant Results!
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Your MicroBiome
Understanding your Gut

Symptoms of a Leaky Gut
Leaky Gut Syndrome is real
and impacts millions of people.

The Gut Brain Connection
Scientists are referring to the gut as the "second brain" because like the brain, the gut has its own nervous system.

amplifei earth nutritional shake

Earth Shake is the ultimate nutrition formula:
a delicious, detoxifying, vitamin-rich shake mix that contains many of the natural nutrients your body needs for optimum health! Featuring a delicate balance of fiber, proteins, probiotics, organic greens, berries and mushrooms, this potent recipe supports and cleanses the digestive system, promotes healthy and robust immune function,
and delivers the daily recommended dose
of all essential vitamins and minerals.
Details of EARTH

If combined with The Triad and our other revolutionary products, EARTH can help anyone amplify their health and wellbeing, whether they workout or not, whether they change their diet, or not (besides that we all should).

Micronized nutrition unlike any other... It's time to go beyond just some shake with binders and fillers. It's time to give yourself REAL nutrition, on a micronized level, for true cellular health. You can add EARTH to any of your health beverages for amazing wellness results.

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